The 18 best pals that actually work.

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Alcohol can take up to 11 hours to keep its system, but these tested and proven tips can help you recover quickly!

We can't promise a miracle cure for a hangover, but we can offer the next best. It depends on the poison you choose and how well your body can handle it. We can, however, suggest some very effective councils to become human again. -Yay.

How to stop a hangover.

Before you get out of your stomach, step out of your stomach.

If you're taking action to prevent a hangover, you might not need a drug at all!

You must have heard people wander about how dangerous it is to go on an empty stomach-and it turns out that there is a truth in this ...

Drinking a pint of milk will also have the same effect, and the olive oil shot helps. Yum ...

Drinking water between pints and sleeping.

Alcohol consumption is blocking the creation of a chemical called vazofline. This means that your kidneys will send the water directly to the bladder instead of keeping it in the body-and is the reason why you need so many toilet trips as soon as you break the seal ' ..

Drinking booze can be sent out.Do you want to wake up feeling fresh (and amazed)? Just a glass of water between every squirm and make sure you have a few when you return, too.

A drink for the light in color.

As you may have already understood from the process and error/.

It's going down to

As a rule, in the more dark drinks, such as red wine, whisky, or dark rum, there are more congeners. White wine, vodka and gin, on the other hand, contain much less, so it is better to choose (but may still leave you rude!) ..

Don't move him on dance engines.Now we all like a good dance, but don't turn it over or you'll feel like a zombie in the morning ...

Science tells us that if you are completely exhausted, you will end up getting even more dehydration and drain the energy levels much faster ..

Don't be a party, just don't pull too fast!It is our duty to remind you that the NHS recommends that the boys not drink more.

He's taking your body.We know that students will probably move on to these limits, but you should think about how much you drink and how to sign ...

If you stay between the end of the first drink and the beginning of the next drink, you will give your body the opportunity to process the alcohol you drink and reduce the hangover effect ..

Get away from the blurred mixers.

It's no secret that walking and drinking some soft drinks is a smart idea, but be careful what you choose, kids. To drink the soft drinks will actually speed up the speed at which alcohol is absorbed into your system, and rather will put a point ...

And, before you ask, that's also true if the alcoholic beverage you drink is also not clear. So vodka with orange or apple juice would be better than a mixer of vodka, for example ...

Avoid mixing drinks.

You probably knew it anyway, but mixing different kinds of alcohol never ends well in hangover ...

Since different types of alcohol have different levels of congeners, as well as other chemicals, they will have a slightly different effect on you ..

Add everything together, and the result is a mess and a headache. Choose your choice poison and hold it!

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First of all, it's better not to go home drunk, so find your buddy first. And don't try to wear heels.In addition, walking around the house will help you sober up and clear your head, making it a much less painful morning. And walking home is also an ideal time to pick up some snacks to help you sober!

Get the right painkillers.

Your first thought is likely to be for some painkillers, and this is not a bad cry because they will help with your headache-just make sure you choose the right ...

The most efficient.

Ideally, if you're still functioning, before you go to bed after the big night, you'll knock on ibuprofen with a cup of water to help you ...

Replace orphaned salts.

If you're really good, take it.

Try to wrestle the capsule.

There are all kinds of products claiming "hangover". Such things.

It says some of you will swear, so don't write anything if it works for you!

Eat well the next day.Credit: Warner Bros.

Food, even if it seems to be the worst idea in the world, is really important to get you on the road to recovery. You can't eat anything, but there are a few options ...

Depending on how you feel, trusting.

If you feel too delicate to face a pitiless, safer option, so you can be a little bit.

Drinking too much potassium, so eat it a little bit.

Drink tea and fruit juice.Another option is to drink.

The coffee may be an obvious port for most patients, but it's actually a diuretic and makes your body lose water quickly. The coffee is also the cause of those horrible piles and heart palpings that we are all prone to when we have the night on the sauce-our advice is to avoid coffee like the plague!.

Get the toxins out of the system.

Okay, that might seem.

Not duped by the dog's hair.

Dog hair? Forget it!To drink more can ease your pain for a few hours, but it will only make it worse when you get to that point. In short, you perpetuate the cycle, do not engage in a problem (that is, your mishap head)!

It is also a slippery path to a permanent drinking party, which is by no means healthy or desirable ...

-You have a long shower.Credit: 4 channel.

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One of the side effects of drinking is a violation of your sleep cycle, which is one of the reasons why you still feel a little bit of trousers, even if you get it.

To fight this one way that you know how to sleep a little bit more! If you're not going to.If you find it hard to find some hidden eye, distract yourself with something nice, but not as tactfully as it is.

Sunglasses.Credit: Javier Broch-.

Along with all other joyful noises, you can also find your victim.

Make sure that every day you turn it off, or you take some earrings, if you're worried about being unpopular, and if you need to leave the house, put on your best sunbeams. No one will ever doubt this (unless it rain) ..

You even want to take them with you the night if you're planning on staying until the morning and going home for a long time