How to Write a Good Observation Essay

An observation essay has been defined as a short piece of prose written after observing a particular person, organization, or phenomenon. However, an observation essay has many variants including personal observations and research-based essays. One of the most prominent types is based on personal experience or a scientific study. Some essay examples include:

Glossary - An observation essay usually consists of a detailed description of an event, person, place, or thing and gives the reader an accurate image of that thing in terms of a description, analysis, or explanation. Observation Essay Definition - A descriptive essay, as defined in Wikipedia, is one that describes something by providing a brief description of it. In academic writing, an observation essay definition is an article that provides an explanation of the main topic of an essay and presents a point of view about the topic.

Academic writing has two goals - to present information and to persuade the reader. The first goal of academic writing, on the other hand, is to clarify information. As stated above, academic writing involves explaining the subject or topic of an essay. The purpose of an observation essay definition is to provide a simple and understandable introduction for the essay.

The main difference between an academic essay and a personal essay is that in a personal essay the primary focus of the essay is the writer's experience. However, a personal essay addresses a wide range of issues that are more personal and less academic. This is the main reason why an observation essay definition must be in the form of a personal experience, rather than an academic dissertation.

In general most people believe that an observation essay should be written in an informal manner. In fact, there is no such a formal style as to be called "formal". In fact, most experienced authors prefer to write in a conversational or informal style, while they may choose a formal style when writing an academic article. A good example of an observation essay definition in a casual or conversational style can be found in this article written by Christopher Hitchens:

I believe that I will not argue on facts, but on the experience of the writer who has observed those facts, and what they have said in their own words. What I have tried to do is to describe the experience of someone whose words would enable a layman to know what they are thinking, even if the words had been published years ago.

Another good observation essay definition is found in this article written by James Joyce:

I think that all writers should be guided by the instinct that a man whose work is like his own life has some element of truth in it, and that he ought to leave to the critics the task of discovering whether or not his work is what he would like it to be. I suppose I believe that the greatest mistake that has ever been made in the history of English prose is to be content to write for others what you would like them to write. If, however, you are too busy to find out whether your writing is what you really want it to be, then perhaps it is time to give it up.

A great observation essay definition also comes from this famous article written by George Bernard Shaw:

The real difficulty in criticism is that it is a very easy thing to find fault with another observation, which may well be more valuable than your own. In this way it may be possible to build up a whole system of observations, all contradictory to each other, and which is bound to fall, each time you have to write an essay. on it. On the other hand, you could never build up a body of observations of any value if you merely concentrated your thoughts on your own.

Another great example of an observation essay definition can be found in this article written by Henry Hardy:

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