The antivalentine for the hat.

Whether you're alone, you love or prefer not to think about it-for many of us Valentine's Day can be.

And while many of the opportunity to share the evening evenings with their great friend, everything else was pretty much about it (let' s face the truth) in the commercial nonsense ..

So, with all of this.

What to do on Valentine's Day when you're one.

You have a party, a free pair.Credit: Warner Bros.

There's a chance, all your friends who are in a relationship are gonna be busy that night, right? Well, that's their loss!Give V a day with two fingers, inviting everyone you know to your home to fight Valentine's Day ...

A prelude to drown your sordid, live in large, or try to make it out of him what you do!Credit: 20th Century Fox.

While you don't buy crap for Valentine at all, there is no denying that some people are hard to pass through the day without worrying themselves (and hating V day even more than you do) ..

For example, smiling to a stranger on the street, keeping the door open, making sure that someone you know is wearing what they're wearing, giving a homeless person some change or something-these simple gestures can make someone's day ...

Make it your mission to make someone feel good. Just because ...

Again, just think about the money you're saving, being alone! Both in the relationship and in.

Use some money (not all, otherwise it is not saving money) you may have spent on the "special someone," why not splatter and buy yourself something nice instead?

Something imaginative that you never allow yourself to spend money on being perfect here-can be spa treatment (there are always good offers available in.

Just make sure you can afford it, otherwise this 'treatment' will soon make you feel worse than Valentine's Day. As usual, ours.To stay away from all the couples who fall in love by guessing all your favorite junta, is fair, and the tactics of rollback are too ...

And hey, this option will not only save you cash, but you can also sit in your pajamas and

P.S. Don't cry, please ...

I'll have dinner with a bunch of friends.We're in the restaurant.

Remind all pairs of dates that February 14 is not all about them!.

Or why not go to antivalentine.It's, and you can even wear your favorite elastic waist pants.

Go to the evening comedy.Credit: Wasi Daniju-.

If there's one place that's guaranteed to make you feel better that you hate Valentina, it's a comedy night ...It's not uncommon for comedy clubs to run the nights of antivalentines. Everything you've ever hated on this day will be perfect with the island and humour ...

I hope you'll see.

Credit: South Park Studios.

Generally to rank as a good factor, why not spend some time increasing your happy hormones, taking part in the work?

You don't even have to be in the head.

One more bonus-you can look at some serious unfeeling of unfeeling after ...

Edit your old photos.

Credit: Warner Bros.

If you and your ex were together for more than a few weeks, you'd probably have made some special memories together-and you have pictures to prove it ...

But now these photos are sinking with regret, and you can't look back on this holiday, or on that day jumping with a parachute, or whatever it is, that your former plaster face is everywhere ...

For £ 6.99 for a photo, Edit My Ex will be Photoshop your ex out of your pictures and make sure you only remd the green times as ... well, gree ..

Don't worry, we won't think you're bitter to give it back!

Do what you want.

Credit: South Park Studios.

One of the best things about being alone is that you don't have to answer to anyone!

We'll celebrate