It's official: cooling with dogs can improve your work.

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It is no secret that dogs are a BEST when you come down, but the new study found that interaction with them can also help students in the risk of academic stress and failure, potentially preventing them from leaving the toilet …

Interaction with dogs has shown that they will spur superimportant skills such as memory, attention and cognition, as well as reducing students ‘ stress levels …

A petition for every student to get a dog, please?

How dogs can improve their mental health.

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Mental health is a significant struggle for many students, and there are a number of factors that contribute to our health and well-being.Like us.

Because mental health problems can interfere with our ability to work effectively, it is not surprising that dog therapy can improve what we feel.

A recent study on how the dogs can help students at risk was carried out by researchers from the University of Washington, with the support of the Pet Nutrition Center (Pet Nutrition) of Mars Petare.Associate Professor.

Academic stress and the associated negative impact on student productivity are an important issue for universities today and something that we need for the best address …

While more traditional learning programmes continue to play a role, the results of the study are exciting because they indicate that this type of intervention can be a positive tool for stress management, especially for students who are at risk of bad success.Dogs can reduce the stress hormone level.

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Researchers at the University of Washington made quite interesting work on the effects of dogs on students …In previous studies, Dr. Pendry found that animal visits, such as dog therapy sessions, could have.

We know from previous studies that the positive effects of animal visits on the mood of college students, and even recently found their positive effect on the level of stress hormone …

However, this is the first study, the evidence that more frequent and regular inclusion of dogs can have a positive impact on cognitive functioning that may be more difficult to change the existing intervention ..

Dog therapy at U.K. universities.

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More and more units offer students therapy for dogs to help them relieve stress and to cope with pressure to their degree ..

The University of East Anglia (UEA) has a big initiative, running.

With reference to this initiative, the academic Professor, Andy Jones, stated in January 2019:

Our research has shown that dog walking helps people maintain the level of their physical activity ..

It is also known that there is a wide range of social and mental benefits ..

In particular, in connection with growing research, evidence of the positive effects of dogs on our mental health, universities are generally accepted by the psychotherapists …

In 2017, we reported on the lovely Holly Evans story, which was able to pierate the chronic anxiety to take part in her sister’s graduation.

When her parents explained the situation to the employees at the University of Reading, where Sister Holly Daisy ended up, they were “very kind” and allowed Boris to visit …

Boris, dressed in the event, peeped in his own cap (head to.

How to make money working with dogs.

Let’ s face it: any work that allows working with dogs should be good …

It’s so important to feel.There are jobs directly related to dogs, for example.

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Plus, many offices have a dog on Save the Student, for example, Harry the Havanese is always there to welcome us to the door, to cool off on our piles and watch us eat (every day) ..

If you are in an office that does not have a dog, but you have a home that keeps you safe, maybe you should ask your employer if you can bring them at any time. As long as the dog behaves well, and your boss loves dogs, it’s not gonna be a problem!