Cheap ways to keep the cool warm.

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We are waiting all winter for some sunny weather, and as soon as the hathwave is coming, we'll frown that it's too hot. But to be fair, that.

If you ask us, the optimal conditions will be 25 ° C during the day (with cool breeze), at which temperature will be lowered to below 20 ° C at night so that you can sleep at

Unfortunately, the weather doesn't play ball, and instead we had to build to survive. Read also for our best chaks to keep the budget cool, including some excellent advice from members.

How to stay sharp on the hettit.

Make homemade air conditioner.

Although most public places in the UK have air conditioning, almost no one works in their own home. Part of the reason is that the units of alternating current are very expensive, and there is no point in investing in one if it will sit for most of the year ...

However, it is quite easy to create one's own budget air travel. As Ross and Paula suggested.

This method works the same way as with the bowl of ice in front of the fan, but ensure that the chalice and fan are placed in.

Lung an easy, putsy coat on the wave.

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Do you know how dark colors absorb more heat than light colors? Well, the rule still works with the clothes, and during the gamewaves you will feel a lot better if you stick to white (or other light coloring) of clothes ..

'Light' is also a way to go from the point of view of the sub-race and material.

Not sleeping naked.As tempting as it was, when your room feels like a sauna, sleeping in your suit is actually the worst thing you can do to cool off (ok, not.

I will drain my duet in favor of the leaf.

The eternal dilemma: to sleep on top of your desire to catch the full effect of a fan and to avoid unnecessary layers, or to sleep under your take to avoid monsters?

Well, there's a solution that's supposed to help you cool off while protecting you from the secret night demons, get rid of your stud and.

Drinking hot drinks and soup.

First of all, we tell you that sleeping naked will make you warmer, and now we say drinking hot beverages will make you feel better. But you have us, as science proves us right at this ...

However, this trick works only on.

Besides, if you have decaf or tea, it's probably best to stick to the same. As Louis indicated in his Facebook group, caffeine dehydrates the body, and we all know it's a bad move in.

Open the windows and doors, close the curtains.

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The flooding of your room with natural light is all good and good-but at what cost? The direct sunlight only serves to heat your room even more, so by closing the curtains, you block the worst criminal ...

The next step is

Finally, to help airflow, keep it.

A towel, a T-shirt or a sheet in cold water.

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This tip comes courtesy of Natalie in our Facebook group, who offered to take a wet towel to bed. According to her own words, she tested her in the hotel, it was "seedlings" ..

Lizzie also proposes to run cold water through a sheet, shouting it and laying it under it at night. This will help to cool you down, and as it should be dry by the morning, you can literally rinse and repeat!

You can adapt this hint for daytime use-simply take the old T-shirt (you don't want to spoil the form you like) and try some cold water. To get rid of the extra water, and then either to force it on your shoulders or to wear it in a normal way. Bliss!

Put the clothes and bedding (and everything else) into the freezer.

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We had a few suggestions in that key, from.

Pajamas and bedding are obviously the top priority (if you remove your duet from the cover as suggested above, your lid must fit in the freezer), but you can also try to put a wet tea towel for a few hours and then apply it to your forehead or the back of your head.

Know where to use cold water and ice.

Our top picking uses cold water to your wrist-if you are inclined to sleep close to your face or torso, it may be a surprisingly effective way to stay cool ...

Your wrists are what are known as pulsations, and as such, it is warm from them. The drop in their cold water immediately before you get into bed, you reduce the effect of the heat that produces your wrists ...

Use the ice pack or create your own.

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Got a hot water bottle? That's great! Take this furry cover and fill it with ice water and/or cold water-which has to hold your legs (or anywhere to use it) nice and cool long enough for you to sleep ...

If you don't have hot water bottles, don't panic-freezers or ice packs work as well (if not better), and you can pick up a pack of four.

Remove the fan from the window.

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The last tip really divided the Save the Student office, but our money expert, Jake, is a non-bickle. Irritating, science seems to be on his side, so we'll share the details with you so you can give it to her ...

While targeting the fan may be the most immediate refreshing option, this will not allow the room to be cooled. Instead, by targeting your fan from the window, you will blow hot air out of the room and replace it with cold air outside ..

Note that this advice only works if